Food Kit for All - Ummatunnisa Care Foundation

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Mumbai, Kashmir, West Bengal, UP

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Virtual A/C No: 6999413500378878 Virtual A/C Name: Ummatunnisa Care Foundation-Ketto A/C Type: Current IFSC: YESB0CMSNOC (The digit after B is Zero and the letter after N is O for orange)


  • Per ration kit cost is Rs.750 and is of good quality which contains the following items- 5 KG Rice, 5 KG Flour, 2 KG Sugar, 1 KG Dal, 1 Packet Oil, 1 Packet Salt.
  • Provide Ramadan Kits, Senior Citizen Kits, Pregnant Mother Kits including nutritious items so they don't feel left out, this we do as per requirement arises.
  • Complete work can be found on Twitter handle @UmmatunnisaCare, which soon will be registered as an NGO "Ummatunnisa Care Foundation"

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