Urgent Help Needed to Fund Ram Vilas Ji's Immunotherapy

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Virtual A/C No: 6999413500403949 Virtual A/C Name: Ram Vilas-Ketto A/C Type: Current IFSC: YESB0CMSNOC (The digit after B is Zero and the letter after N is O for orange)


My Mother's driver for 10 years, Ram Vilas ji, was diagnosed with a very aggressive lung cancer last year in December. His son Ajay, who has put all his resources into the treatment and taken multiple loans, has exhausted his options. While his radiation and chemotherapy did not turn out to be a success, he has now been prescribed immunotherapy which is currently his last but a strong shot at survival. For this purpose, my family and I have set up a fundraiser.

He is the primary bread-earner in a family of eight. His son has been desperately looking for ways to fund his father’s treatment and he currently needs 10 lakhs. If you can contribute in any way possible it would mean a lot to his family and to us.

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