Oxygen SOS: Help Raise Funds for 500 BiPAP Ventilators

₹3,87,161 raised of ₹12,00,000


Medical Care and Support




There is only **1 Ventilator for 900 Covid+ people in New Delhi. ** Pledge with us to save lives in Delhi by donating BiPAP ventilators to public hospitals.

We are currently donating Spice Oxy ventilators to the hospitals through the Care Taking branch, Revenue Department, Delhi Govt through local suppliers at a cost of Rs. 99,500 + 12% GST.

Delhi has almost 10 lakh or 1 million Covid+ cases, but only 1168 ventilators. Let's save lives, one breath at a time!   Donate now and help Delhi fight the Oxygen crisis and lowering the daily 400 death toll. We urge you to come together and save a million lives in Delhi. Help Delhi breathe and spread the word in your personal and professional network, and urge all institutions/companies/businesses to donate generously for Delhi Oxygen SOS.

Help Delhi Breathe & Survive! Umeed Project Team

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