SNEHA's Covid-19 Relief Efforts - Help 500 Needy Families with Ration Packs

₹6,58,286 raised of ₹8,00,000

Met Goal and Increased

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Support for daily wagers


Urban slums, Mumbai


We request your support to reach at least 1000 families living in urban slums in the month of May 2021. Our teams have identified families that are most in need of direct relief, including families with pregnant women, daily wage earners, single-woman households, etc. Each ration pack will contain essential groceries and health products including – Rice, Wheat Flour, Dal varieties, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Salt, Tea Powder, Bathing Soap, Detergent bar and Detergent Powder. The cost of each pack is Rs.800/- Each donation of Rs.800/- will support one family of 5-6 members for a 12 to 15-day period. These packs will be distributed in the following areas:

  • Kalwa – 250 ration packs
  • Dharavi – 250 ration packs

We request your support to reach these 500 needy families when it is required the most.

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